19 Oct A label for pioneering firms

The commitment Committee of the French Tech in PACA PASS met on 8 September 2015 in order to hear the candidates to PASS French Tech, which had been pre-selected end July 2015 and decide on the award of the label.
This label is awarded at the national level to the digital economy businesses in hyper growth and strong innovative potential.

The PACA Board decided to award the label ‘Enterprise of the French Tech, Promotion 2016 PASS’ to the following 5 companies:
Notice verified – www.avis-verifies.com
Coppernic – www.coppernic.fr
Inventy – www.inventy.com
Jaguar Networks – www.jaguar-network.com
Myxyty – www.myxyty.com

Learn more: the nominees

These 5 winners join 48 already labeled the 2014/2015 of the Pass promotion companies. The national label ‘Company of PASS French Tech’ is issued by a jury of venture capital, business Angels, of representatives of local and metropolitan French Tech and expert courses and trades. A second call for expressions of interest and a second jury of the PASS French Tech in the PACA region will take place at the beginning of 2016 to enrich the list of firms promoting 2016 hyper.

For more information on the PASS French Tech, please visit: www.lafrenchtech.com/PassFrenchTech

About the French Tech Côte d’Azur:
The Côte d’Azur took the turn of digital more than 40 years ago with the creation of Sophia Antipolis, fabulous ‘Toolbox technology» world renowned. Overall, Nice, Cannes, Grasse and Sophia Antipolis developed around the rise of technologies of digital’s sharp specialties, practice-oriented: smart city, e-health, e-learning, eco-mobility, e-entertainment, creative industries… The French Tech Côte d’Azur, is the tremendous mobilization of any territory which brings to ‘team of France of digital’ its lifeblood: more than 1700 companies including 48 emblematic companies, many locomotives (Amadeus, Allianz, Huawei, Orange, Thales,…), young shoots and promising SMEs, and more than 150 partners. The Tech Côte d’Azur French pursues ambitious goals: 50 new eligible start-ups annually in a process of acceleration by years, and 10 new ‘tech’ champions to international influence to 10 years.

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